Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ramayana: The Epic

March 2017: This is a different version than was on this page before. The program is no longer available, so I found this new program on You Tube in English with Spanish Closed Captioning available! Unfortunately, it has ads throughout.

It's an animated movie version of one of the marvelous epic sagas of India. As many epics are, it's a pretty straightforward "good vs evil," and "the hero gets the girl" sort of story. :-) 

Ramayana The Epic - English Movie - WITH SPANISH SUBTITLES!
Run time: 1:36:31
Lord Rama, son of King Dashrath is sent for exile for 12 years. His wife Sita and brother Laxman accompanies him. But she is deceitfully kidnapped by Ravana, The King of Lanka. Thus a might war takes place between ram & ravana. Hanuman with his monkey warriors, a worshiper of ram also joins him. Will Sita be saved? Watch this epic story.

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