Thursday, February 14, 2013

Banaras A Mystic Love Story

March 27, 2017
Sorry for the inconvenience, but the video that was here is no longer available. I am watching for one that is in English or has English subtitles and will embed the movie as soon as I find it.

Happy Valentine's Day from Kirtan Community!

'Banaras: A Mystic Love Story' explores the various forms of love. It dares to find a meaningful solution to the clash between rationality and blind faith and between what is visible and what is possible. Woven in the narrative are the themes that represent the eternal city of Banaras. The film has been shot at picturesque locations across Banaras as well as the exhilarating locales of Mauritius. The locations used in the film include the house of Kabir, the great weaver-saint, the Ramgarh Palace and Sarnath. The film's crew was also given special access to shoot the original manuscript of "Ramcharit Manas" written by Tulsidas and the famed Puja at the Vishwanath temple.

(Banaras is an older name for Varanasi, India's most sacred city and the birthplace of Shiva, also anciently known as Kashi.)