Monday, August 29, 2011

Hari Om Sharan Tribute

"Hari Om Sharan (26 September 1932 - 17 December 2007) was a legendary Indian singer and lyricist. He devoted most of his career in singing devotional songs in praise of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman. He achieved popularity as a Bhajan singer in the 70s with his albums like Premanjali Pushpanjai, and Data Ek Ram. His bhajans namely 'Tera Ram ji Karenge Bedaa Paar', 'Maili Chadar Odhke Kaise', 'Aarti Kunj Bihari ki', 'Aisa Pyar Bahaa De Maiyya', 'Shree Radhey Govinda', 'Hanuman Chalisa', 'Govind Jai Jai Gopal Jai Jai' are very popular amongst devotees of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman. During his career spanning more than 35 years he released over 20 Bhajan albums."

The 10 videos in today's tribute play for 60 minutes.


1 - Hey Bajrangbali - Shri Hari Om Sharan 7:39

2 - Maili Chadar - Shri Hari Om Sharan 6:10

3 - "Tera Ram Ji Karenge Beda Par" a Bhajan by Hari Om Sharan 5:04

4 - Raghu Pati Ragahv Raja Ram 8:51

5 - Aarti Hanuman Ji - Hari Om Sharan 5:50

6 - Hanuman Chalisa by Hari Om Sharan 9:03

7 - Aarti Kunj bihari Ki (Shri Hari Om Sharan) 4:15

8 - Shri Hari Om Sharan  (Rama Bhajan) 4:18

9 - Jai Jai Jai Hanumaan Gosain - Shri Hari Om Sharan 6:54

10 - HARI OM SHARAN live performance at ft. lauderdale, GURUJI AND MATAJI florida. 2:35

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Virtual Kirtan 2011 08 16

Today is a really special marker day for me. My first kirtan experience was three years ago today; August 16, 2008! This link goes to a video of one of the songs from that first kirtan with Bhagavan Das: 
Bhagavan Das Live Kirtan 2008 om namah shivaya

To commemorate this special date, today's 62-minute virtual kirtan features songs by artists whose gatherings I attended in Bend OR along with a note of the dates, but these videos are not from the local performances.

1 - Bhagavan Das at the Dharma Yoga Temple 12:54
(My first kirtan was with Bhagavan Das on 8/16/08 at Old Stone Church, Bend OR)

2 - Prema Hara - Kamaniya & Keshavacharaya Das 8:52
Hare Krishna by Prema Hara at Bhakti Yoga shala
(Second was with Keshavaharaya Das on 4/17/09 at Old Stone Church, Bend OR. I was drafted as the impromptu "sound engineer" since the only other people who knew how to operate the sound board were on stage!)

3 - DAVE STRINGER / Jai Ambe Jagat Ambe (1 of 2) 13:17
(My third kirtan experience was a rousing program with Dave Stringer on 4/17/10 at Poet House and MYC Yoga, Bend OR)

4 - DAVE STRINGER / Jai Ambe Jagat Ambe (2 of 2) 9:46

5 - Shyam Das at Brahmakunda 1 6:07
(My most recent kirtan was a beautiful program with Shyam Das on 7/18/10 at MYC Yoga, Bend OR)

6 - Shyam Das at Brahmakunda 2 6:36

7 - Nataraj - by Jaya Lakshmi (from her albume "Sublime") 5:06
(Jaya Lakshmi appeared with both Dave Stringer and Shyam Das in Bend OR)

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 08 09 Satsang with Santoor Maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

Today's satsang is a little different from our past presentations in that the main portion of the program is a radio interview, Santoor Maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma in Conversation with Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, speaking on the connection between spirituality and music. We link to it from here, but the interview itself is on the Sathya Sai Baba radio network.

The arrangement for today is one video, the radio interview, and a second video for a total of  73 minutes.


Shivkumar Sharma (born January 13, 1938, Jammu, India) is an Indian santoor player. The santoor is a folk instrument from the valley of Kashmir. Sharma is often referred to by the title Pandit.

First, a video of Pandit Hariprasad and Pandit Shiv Kumar - Raga Bhopali  8:28

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma click here to hear interview

The second video is Pt Shivkumar Sharma & Rahul Sharma - Santoor Duet in 2001 4:28

Monday, August 1, 2011

Virtual Kirtan 2011 08 01

While I do not typically feature a single artist in a playlist without remuneration, today's virtual kirtan of 11 videos which plays for 74 minutes is a gift to Candace who loves the singing of Jagit Singh after having purchased his healing mantra CD.


1 - Gayatri Mantra - Jagjit Singh 5:33

2 - Ganesh Bhajan (Ganapati Bappa Moriya) 6:00

3 - "JAI RADHA MADHAV" Jagjit Singh live at Hare Krishna Mandir, Juhu, Mumbai 9:12

4 - Hay Shiv Shankar Hey Karunakar By Jagjit Singh 7:47

5 - Om Shivay Hari Om Shivay By Jagjit Singh 10:07

6 - Awesome [Krishna] Bhajan by Jagjit Singh 6:45

7 - "Bolo Ram Jai Jai Ram" a Bhajan by Jagjit Singh 5:27

8 - Har Har Har Mahadev by Jagjit Singh 7:50

9 - "Hey Govind Hey Gopal" a Bhajan by Jagjit Singh 5:53

10 - Hey Ram Jagjit Singh 4:13

11 - ॐ OM (AUM) - Jagjit Singh 5:22

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