Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 02 19 Popular and Useful Bija Mantras

Here are eight of the most popular, useful, and commonly used bija mantras to change and improve your life. (Bija or Beeja means Seed or Essence, one syllable that represents the essence of the deity.) There is a bija mantra for Shiva, but Om Namah Shivaya is used far more than any other and so I stayed with that tradition.

Eight videos play for 79 minutes

1 - Ganesh – opens doors to new beginnings and leads you around obstacles. Call upon him when you begin something new, and for intelligence.
Ganesh means Gana (group, multitude) Isha (Lord/Master) Overseer of the demi-gods who followed his father Shiva.
Om gum ganapathaye namah - Deva Premal - 8:13

2 - Kali – a fierce fighter yet loving mother figure; destroyer of evil; protection
Kali means 'fulness of time' or 'force of time'
Om Kreem Kalikaye namah - no artist info - 7:48

3 - Krishna – spiritual or unconditional love. If you need to love yourself, or are trying to forgive someone, this could be useful.
Krishna means black; dark-colored
Om kleem krishnaya namaha - no artist info - 13:16

4 - Lakshmi – fortune and wealth
Lakshmi means 'kindred mark' or 'sign of auspicious fortune'
Om shreem Mahalakshmiaya namaha - Deva Premal - 7:55

5 - Saraswati – creativity and learning [education], music and arts
Saraswati means 'She of the stream'
Om sum saraswathaye namah - Sahil Jagtiani - 12:47 

6 - Shiva – destroyer of illusion; when you need a breakthrough or clarity
Shiva means 'the Auspicious, the Perfect'
Om namah shivaya - no artist info -11:55

7 - Surya - The Sun, an excellent mantra to demonstrate Gratitude.
Surya is the name for the sun, ghrin means 'favor'
Om ghrin suryaya namah - SBV Music - 11:42

8 - Vishnu – peace, love, protector of the universe
Vishnu means 'all-pervading' or 'the being who supports all things'
This one is done as a kirtan (call and response) so I am not sure there are 108 repetitions, but I loved this version. You'll notice he includes Krishna in this one, too
Om namo narayanaya - Sahil Jagtiani - 5:18