Tuesday, August 27, 2019

2019 08 27 Sita Ram Bhajans

This playlist is dedicated to my Boise kirtan leader Peter who left this Earthly existence on Sunday, August 25. A fatal car crash took him from us far too soon. I have a very fond memory of one kirtan evening when we were the only two in attendance, and he sang "Sita Ram" in a way far more deep and profound than when other people were present. It Was a mystical experience I'll always be blessed and grateful for. Thank you, Peter. 

Nine videos play for 68.75 minutes

1 Sita Ram 7:31
sung by Bhagavan Das 
[I am happy to have found this because Bhagavan Das was my first kirtan/nada yoga experience, in August of 2008 he visited Bend, Oregon. After five hours of chanting, I was changed forever! I remain eternally grateful for that experience.] 

2 sita ram ram ram 11:33
[animated scenes from The Ramayan - very cool]

3 राम रघुवर राम सीता राम राम राम - Ram Raghuvar Ram Seeta Ram Ram Ram 4:08
Voice: Devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

4 Ram Ram Sita Ram [Ram Dhun By Anuradha Paudwal] - Ram Dhuni 6:39

5 Krishna Das-Samadhi Sita Ram 10:00
[Warning: Sudden ending!]

6 Bhajan - Hare Ram Ram Ram Sita Ram Ram Ram 3:52

7 रविवार Special भजन I राम राम सीता राम RAM RAM SITA RAM I HARIHARAN I Ram Dhuni I HD Video 6:56
Hari Haran

8 मन को सुकून देने वाला भजन सीताराम सीताराम कहिये | श्री निवास जी 12:36
[Sita Ram – singer Shri Niwas Sharma]

9 Hare Ram Ram Sita Ram Ram 5:30
Anup Jalota 

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