Wednesday, April 25, 2012

2012 04 25 Tribute Ramana Maharshi

Today we post a tribute to Ramana Maharshi

The Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi

"Abide as the Self is a transforming video which takes one on a meditative journey into the teachings Ramana Maharshi and the path of Self-Knowledge.

"Comprehensive film footage of Ramana comes alive, with emphasis on the teachings of Self-Enquiry and its practice.

"A special collection of rare photographs enhances Ramana's presence and captures the compassion and grace of one of the most respected sages of this century.

"A heartfelt narration by Ram Dass provides an overview of Ramana's teachings. There are also interviews with H.W.L. Poonja, Douglas Harding, and Allan W. Anderson,as well as others who sat in the Maharashi's presence."

Two videos play for 65 minutes

Gayatri Mantra ( 3 Times ) Artist: Rattan Mohan Sharma 1:51

Abide as The Self ◦ Ramana Maharshi ◦ Full Movie  1:03:17

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