Saturday, September 22, 2012

Music Of India with Mysore Violin Brothers

Music of India  w/ the Mysore Violin Brothers 


"The music is not written, it is passed from heart to heart"  ~  Ravi Shankar

Welcoming back to Bend the Maestros of divine sound and improvisation:

Mysore Nagaraj and Dr. Mysore Manjunath ~ violins
S. Rajarao  ~ Mridangam percussion

OLD STONE CHURCH  157 NW Franklin Ave., Bend OR
Wednesday Oct. 3rd 7:30pm 
(doors at 7pm)

tickets advance $15 at Taj Palace or (or door $20), kids free.
Taj Palace special pre-concert dinner package $25 for dinner + concert ticket
(stop by Taj and make your reservations 917 Wall st. or call 541-330-0774)


Music of India features south India’s finest Violin Brothers, Mysore Nagaraj and Dr. Mysore Manjunath along with their top percussionist Srimushnam Rajarao.  True masters of South Indian classical music, the internationally renowned artists bring their celestial music to Bend this fall from their international tour. The “Mysore” Violin Brothers, Nagaraj and Manjunath were child prodigies taught by their brilliant violinist father M. Mahadevappa, and have been highly praised and awarded both in India and globally for their unique and highly acclaimed sound.  
Indian classical “Raga” music ranges from serene & tranquil moods, to exhilarating improvisations and musical conversations between artists. RAGA is the melodic scale or mode in Indian music and is translated from the sacred language of Sanskrit as "color, beauty, pleasure, or passion" (from the root ranj). Unique to India's music is the ability to deeply paint or color the mind and reach the hearts of it's listeners. 
 A true cultural delight.
Namaste ~

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  1. hi... thanks for sharing the post.i love music,without music life would be a mistake.sankar is one of the best singers in bangalore and my favorite too.if you people want to enjoy music like cocktail and koraoke apart of your problems just go to his shows,damn sure you will like it ...