Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Virtual Kirtan 2011 08 16

Today is a really special marker day for me. My first kirtan experience was three years ago today; August 16, 2008! This link goes to a video of one of the songs from that first kirtan with Bhagavan Das: 
Bhagavan Das Live Kirtan 2008 om namah shivaya

To commemorate this special date, today's 62-minute virtual kirtan features songs by artists whose gatherings I attended in Bend OR along with a note of the dates, but these videos are not from the local performances.

1 - Bhagavan Das at the Dharma Yoga Temple 12:54
(My first kirtan was with Bhagavan Das on 8/16/08 at Old Stone Church, Bend OR)

2 - Prema Hara - Kamaniya & Keshavacharaya Das 8:52
Hare Krishna by Prema Hara at Bhakti Yoga shala
(Second was with Keshavaharaya Das on 4/17/09 at Old Stone Church, Bend OR. I was drafted as the impromptu "sound engineer" since the only other people who knew how to operate the sound board were on stage!)

3 - DAVE STRINGER / Jai Ambe Jagat Ambe (1 of 2) 13:17
(My third kirtan experience was a rousing program with Dave Stringer on 4/17/10 at Poet House and MYC Yoga, Bend OR)

4 - DAVE STRINGER / Jai Ambe Jagat Ambe (2 of 2) 9:46

5 - Shyam Das at Brahmakunda 1 6:07
(My most recent kirtan was a beautiful program with Shyam Das on 7/18/10 at MYC Yoga, Bend OR)

6 - Shyam Das at Brahmakunda 2 6:36

7 - Nataraj - by Jaya Lakshmi (from her albume "Sublime") 5:06
(Jaya Lakshmi appeared with both Dave Stringer and Shyam Das in Bend OR)

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  1. Only recently did I come across your wonderful site. What a beautiful offering. Thank you. Seeing this special Kirtan mentioned Oregon took me back to my first visit to the USA, I live in London, when in 1982 I came to sit with my meditation Master Osho who was then in silence. Thanks again for sharing these gorgeous gifts.

  2. Thank you for your kind words!

    I'm glad the site brought to mind wonderful memories, thank you for sharing.

    I hope the virtual programs continue to bring enjoyment. Did you find the satsang post with Osho? http://kirtancommunity.blogspot.com/2011/06/satsang-2011-06-13-osho-on-awakening.html


  3. Yes thank you. I also loved your Krishanmurti Satsang as I was blessed to sit with him in UK. Recently I have been enjoying the Dhamma Talks of Thanissaro Bhikkhu at http://www.dhammatalks.org/mp3_index.html and wondered if these short concise discourses might be of value to you in future Satsang offerings?

    I came across them via the excellent Resource page from Phil Jones at http://www.silentmindopenheart.org/audio_sources.html.

    This evening I am back from Satsang at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in London, you just can't beat being at a live one!

    Om Shanti

  4. Wow....you've gotten to sit with all sorts of wonderful people! I also love the wisdom of Krishnamurti.

    Thank you very much for the website resources; I appreciate them. I am always looking for excellent content for the satsangs and tributes.

    Sounds like a wonderful time at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. :-)

    Om Shanti