Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 08 09 Satsang with Santoor Maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

Today's satsang is a little different from our past presentations in that the main portion of the program is a radio interview, Santoor Maestro Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma in Conversation with Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, speaking on the connection between spirituality and music. We link to it from here, but the interview itself is on the Sathya Sai Baba radio network.

The arrangement for today is one video, the radio interview, and a second video for a total of  73 minutes.


Shivkumar Sharma (born January 13, 1938, Jammu, India) is an Indian santoor player. The santoor is a folk instrument from the valley of Kashmir. Sharma is often referred to by the title Pandit.

First, a video of Pandit Hariprasad and Pandit Shiv Kumar - Raga Bhopali  8:28

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma click here to hear interview

The second video is Pt Shivkumar Sharma & Rahul Sharma - Santoor Duet in 2001 4:28

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